Fishing Made Bankless
Welcome to Fishing Master, a fertile ocean kingdom for you to go fishing together with fellows all around the world.
Fishing Master is an online multiplayer game powered by the blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFT features, which brings you the most exciting, colorful and innovative Fish-to-Earn experience.
In Fishing Master, you can:
  • Catch fish beginning with just $10.
  • Equip different types of cannons to win your profits efficiently.
  • Compete with 3 online players in any realtime session.
  • Spend $FMC to refill your fishing bullets / Sell your fishing bullets into $FMC.
  • Get new cannon NFTs from the blindbox infinitely.
  • Upgrade cannons with bullet shells.
  • Purchase powerful cannon NFTs from the other players in the marketplace.
  • Sell your cannon NFTs to the other players in the marketplace and earn $FMC.
You can also participate in the following bonus programs to earn extra prizes.
  • Leaderboard Incentive Program - Fire up as many bullets as possible in one week and stay in the ranking range so you can receive bonus.
  • Referral Incentive Program - Introduce Fishing Master to your friends and don't forget to let them submit your address as the inviter so you can earn bonus.
  • VIP Level Program - Fire more to boost your account level and win your privileges.
This document provides all the details about how to play Fishing Master. We wish you have a pleasant fishing experience!
You are anonymous on Fishing Master. The game will not ask for any personal information like your email or phone number. A wallet address is the only information needed to create your account. Even a password is NOT needed.
Fishing Master is bankless. The game does not accept or provide any asset through the traditional financial system. All game assets are located on the blockchain so that no third parties can interfere.

Open Beta

Fishing Master is now at Open Beta stage on BSC mainnet. During this stage, there is a limitation on the number of the online players: 3,000 at the same time in the game sessions.
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