Leaderboard Incentive Program

This program has launched on Dec 13, 2021.
Every Monday, the game will update the leaderboard which shows the ranking of all players based on the amount of Bullets fired in the past seven days. The top players will be rewarded with Bullets.


  • Interval
    One week as one round.
  • Time of Snapshot
    Every Monday UTC 00:00:00.
  • Reward Pool Size
    Set by the administrator for each round.
  • Range of Winners
    Top 50% of players in the ranking of weekly firing amount.
  • Minimum Threshold to Participate
    10,000 Bullets fired during the week.

Reward Distribution

The reward is distributed based on each account's weight. Weight is determined by the account's Bullet firing amount for the week and its net deposit in the game.
Below is the calculation:
weight=Bweekshotcost(BchargeBwithdraw)weight = B_{weekshotcost} * ( B_{charge} - B_{withdraw} )
  • B_weekshotcost
    The amount of Bullets fired by the user for the week.
  • B_charge
    The amount of Bullets filled by the user totally.
  • B_withdraw
    The amount of Bullets sold by the user totally.
Specially, if Bcharge - Bwithdraw < 1 then:
weight=Bweekshotcost1weight = B_{weekshotcost} * 1

Tips on How to Earn More Reward

First, please pay attention to the up left corner of the Main Menu screen. To make sure yourself a winner, you should keep your ranking inside top 50%.
The meter updates every 10 minutes.
Second, be careful to cash out Bullets because your account weight will shrink.

Claim Your Reward

You must claim your reward manually.
During the test period, Claiming is suspended but all your reward is kept safely. Claiming is about to open on Jan 10.