What is Fishing Master?

Fishing Master is built based on the classic fishing video game which has been popular among billions of people for more than a decade, first shown up in Japanese amusement arcades. The game is simple:
  • Four players, each takes a corner of the screen and mans a fishing cannon.
  • In every game session, various kinds of fish swims across the screen, representing different marks.
  • The players shoot bullets to catch fish, which turns into bullets back to the inventory.
  • The four players must compete to catch more fish in one session and thus win the balance.
  • The players can switch for stronger cannons that fires a lot of bullets to fish faster.
  • The one who fired up all bullets loses the game.
Fishing Master is the first trial to power this famous video game with cryptocurrencies, NFT and DeFi technologies. It will be deployed on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon Network and many other blockchain ecosystems to open a new era of bankless gaming.

What is Fish-to-Earn?

Simply, Fish-to-Earn means you can make real revenues from online fishing.
Fishing Master provides the most borderless, secured, automated, unstoppable and fastest GameFi experience. Every fishing man can now fish and earn from every corner of the world with the help of ‘Crypto-FMC-Bullet’ Loop which connects blockchains and game servers together.
The Leaderboard Incentive Program provides a special reward pool which allows you to earn extra revenue based on your firing amount every week. You can see every week's reward calculation data.

Is it a Win-to-Earn game?

Yes. The game requires your strategy, skill and good Cannon equipment. There is a self-adaptive difficulty adjustment system in the game which automatically changes the overall fishing difficulty. When the difficulty rises, you will feel it harder to hit fish; when the difficulty drops, you will find it easier to earn points. Your Cannon’s accuracy rate largely affects your fishing performance. The better Cannon you use, the higher chance you have to kill.
You can check the quality information of all Cannon NFTs.

Where can I play Fishing Master?

You can access the game through with your desktop browsers or mobile wallet browsers.
Please note that Fishing Master is a 3D game which requires the 3D-graphic processing ability of your device.

What do I need before playing Fishing Master?

You just need two things to start:
  • A functional wallet account on BSC.
  • The $FMC token - You need it to get Bullets for fishing.
Check How to Play to learn more.

Where can I find assistance if I have a trouble?

The best way to find help is through the trouble shooting community channels in Discord.
And here is all the useful links related to the game.

Native Token

What is FMC?

Fishing Master Coin (FMC) is the native cryptocurrency of the game. In particular, FMC is aiming to be a cent-pegged stablecoin for the Fishing Master ecosystem pricing Bullets and NFTs.

Where can I get FMC?

  • Use the token contract address to search $FMC: 0xb99880B4c1868A4db4Ae78653e600e5E8D0A0F65

What is the FMC OTC desk?

FMC OTC Desk is a one-way service for FMC purchasing especially for rapid large demands which cannot be processed by DEXs due to slippages.
You are alway able to buy $FMC at $0.01 without paying any trading fees on FMC OTC.

Can I sell FMC?

Yes. You can sell $FMC into any cryptocurrency you like on Pancakeswap.

In-game Assets

What are bullets?

Bullets are the consumable assets in the game used for fishing. Each time you fire your cannon, you should expect the bullets to hit some fish and earn back.

How can I get bullets?

You can fill up your Bullet inventory using $FMC. Read FMC to Bullets to learn how.

Can I sell bullets?

Yes. You can sell your Bullets back to $FMC. Read Bullets to FMC to learn how.

What are cannons?

Cannons are the key equipment for fishing. Besides one basic cannon that every fishing man has, there are 20 types of advanced fishing cannons which are NFTs generated through the blind box and permissionlessly equipped by the players using the smart contracts. Among them, 9 can be upgraded into the more powerful versions costing Shells.
Read Cannons to learn more about how to mint, load and upgrade cannons.

How can I get cannons?

You can get new cannons through the blindbox in the game or the NFT market by spending $FMC.

Can I sell cannons?

Yes. You can sell your cannons to other players and earn $FMC on the NFT market.

What are shells?

Each Bullet fired leaves one Shell behind. Shells are for upgrading cannons in the game.

How can I get shells?

Simply firing Bullets, you will get Shells, which is the only way.

Can I sell shells?


What are skills?

Skills are special effects you can use in game sessions. They will increase the ability of your cannons for a short term.
You can see a list of Skills here.

How can I get skills?

The only way to get Skills is the blindbox.

Can I sell skills?



What is a NFT and where is it?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain.

What elements are NFTs in Fishing Master?

Cannons. You can see a list of Cannons here.

How can I trade NFTs?

Through the NFT market. Read Cannon Market to learn more about how to buy, sell and manage listings.

Bonus Programs

Why should I have an inviter?

You must have submitted your inviter's address before you can be an inviter on your own, so that you can earn bonus Bullets when your friends refill.

How can I invite my friends?

You can share your account address or your referral link. See here.