How to Play

And Earn More

Video Guide


Connect to Fishing Master Services

To learn about how to link your wallet to the Fishing Master game and services, please read How to Connect.

Get Fishing Master Coin ($FMC)

You must have FMC to enjoy the game. To learn about how to buy FMC, please read Fishing Master Coin.

Get Bullets

You must have Bullets to fish. To learn about how to convert FMC into Bullets, please read Bullets.

Get Cannons & Skills

You can get Cannons and Skills through the blindbox in the game and thus increase the efficiency of fishing. To learn about them, please read Cannons.

Go Fishing

To know how to go fishing after you are all set, please read Start Fishing.


Buy & Sell Cannons

You can buy and sell cannon NFTs in the market. To learn more about the facility, please read Cannon Market.

Sell $FMC

You can sell FMC into other cryptocurrencies at any time. To learn about how to use DEXs, please read Buy/Sell FMC on DEXs.

Get Bonus Bullets Via Weekly Contest

Every Monday we will reward the players who have fired the most Bullets in the last 7 days. To learn more about this program, please read Leaderboard Incentive Program.

Get Bonus Bullets Via Inviting Friends

Every time your friends spend FMC on refilling Bullets, you will be rewarded. To learn more about this program, please read Referral Incentive Program.
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