Fishing Master Coin

A Game Stablecoin
The Fishing Master Coin (FMC) is the native cryptocurrency of the Fishing Master ecosystem. With FMC you can refill Bullets in the game.
FMC is a utility token for the gaming experience rather than any financial asset or financial product. The price of FMC is pegged to 1 Cent.
Please also be aware that the governance token of Fishing Master is NOT FMC.
FMC could have different versions according to which blockchain it lands on. It is ERC-20 standard on Ethereum Mainnet (ETH) and Polygon Network (Matic), or BEP-20 standard on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
There are two safe ways to get FMC now on BSC.
  • You can buy FMC from the decentralized exchanges if your purchase demand is relatively small.
  • You can buy FMC from the FMC OTC service if your purchase demand is so large that you are afraid of big slippages on DEXs' liquidity.
Before purchasing, please add FMC to the token list of your wallet. You can search for FMC on your wallet application using its token contract address: 0xb99880B4c1868A4db4Ae78653e600e5E8D0A0F65.