How to Connect

Fishing Master can run on Web3 compatible browsers on your desktop and mobile devices. We recommend you to use MetaMask as your wallet to help you get connected with the game.
MetaMask is the most popular Web3 compatible crypto wallet in the world. It supports both browser integration and mobile app.
You can find it here: and install.
If you are using a desktop browser like Google Chrome, please simply visit to enter the game. If you are using a mobile phone or tablet, please use the a wallet app (such as MetaMask, TokenPocket, imToken, etc.) and open through the built-in browser.
Then you will see the page below:
Please click on Connect Wallet and choose your wallet. After the signature, you will connect to the game. If you are a new user, your player account will be automatically generated based on your wallet address.
Please make sure your wallet is connected to the right blockchain network. If not, when you choose to connect the wallet will ask you whether it could switch itself to the target network. Please approve it.
The game first supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
After a successful connection, you will see the main menu.
On this page, you can see your account balance both in the game layer and wallet.

Play on Mobile Wallet

Fishing Master can perfectly run on mobile wallet apps like MetaMask iOS/Android.
Please go to the built-in browser.
You can access and pin all Fishing Master service URLs here in a blank page.
The menu on the right corner helps you with network switching and page reloading.
Now you can fish anywhere!